Chilau Seafood Sauce - Original

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Chilau Seafood Sauce - Original

Tasting Chilau Sauce - "Put Your Spin On it"

#ChilauSauce is Old School Flavor!!! All Natural! Absolutely Delicious! Availabe at Publix and select retailers! #Seafood #FlavorEnhancer #Marinade #HotSauce #FlavorBase

Posted by Spice Crafters on Thursday, June 15, 2017

A bold ethnic fusion of Cuban, Spanish, Italian and African flavors. Chilau tastes like New Orleans meets South Carolina, in the Tropics! 


The Flavor that started it all. Original is inspired by my grandmother's Crab Chilau recipe. I took the core flavor of her sauce and concentrated it into a multipurpose condiment that is especially delicious on seafood. Not only is it outstanding for making authentic Crab Chilau, it has a unique flavor which adds rich depth to non-seafood dishes and even vegetarian stews. 

Original brings you bold gulf coast / low country flavor with plenty onion, bell pepper, celery, garlic and I spicy kick of cayenne pepper!

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