Chilau Seafood Sauce


Chilau Seafood Sauce - Tampa Tradition Since 1920

Chilau Seafood Sauce - #PutYourSpinOnIt

Posted by Spice Crafters on Thursday, October 20, 2016


Cuban, Italian and Spanish immigrants came to Tampa Bay in the late 1800's to work the factories in and around the Ybor City District. Once known as The Cigar Capital of the World, by the 1920's Ybor City was an epicenter for ethnic culture and fusion cuisine. As blue crabs were plentiful in the waters of Tampa Bay it quickly became a cheap go-to source of food for area families. Cuban residents introduced the Crab Croquettes (Tampa Style Deviled Crab), which became the signature street food that remains true to this day.

Another little-known dish called Cangrejo Enchilado (Crab Stew) was also introduced. Somehow, through mixing of cultures, recipe swapping and all the magic that happens when cultures collide, Crab Enchilado got shortened to just Crab Chilau, pronounced "Shalla" or "Shilaw" in my family. The macaroni factories and the Italian diaspora had something to do with spaghetti becoming the staple foundation for the dish while Spanish and African American families brought more spice variations and that Gulf Coast / Soul Food depth.

Every coastal region across the country have a signature seafood stew. Now in the form of a concentrated condiment, Chilau Sauce brings that bold rustic flavor that reminds you of an old-school down-home dish that speaks to your soul!