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Spice Crafters LLC - The company behind the brand.

image22-1.jpgSpice Crafters LLC is boutique spice studio specializing in hand crafted spice blends and custom seasonings. Founded in 2010 by spice artist Michael Anderson, the products released by Spice Crafters are truly an expression of art, culture, and creativity. Michael believes in pushing the boundaries of spice blending and introducing new flavors to the market that encompass spices from around the world  which represent a fusion of cultures. In September of 2013 Spice Crafters released its new flagship brand Hot Clove Garlic Company, a brand dedicated solely to the bold flavor combination of garlic & spicy chile peppers. 

Our mission is to bring the world a mashup of bold new flavors through a fresh interpretation of what's delicious. We are committed to providing every customer a premium experience, expert spice craftsmanship, and a dedication to great customer service. In business we keep it simple and authentic, where everyone is treated like family.






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